Saturday, May 17, 2008

Want to know how to make money while planning your wedding??

Well, if you are crazy like me.....have a huge yard sale with all your crap, your fiance's crap and both of your families crap, and while things are slow, work on all your wedding stuff! Like researching suits for the guys, airline flights for the honeymoon, pick out bridesmaid shoes (and call/text all the girls to get sizes!) and work on your bridal bouquet!!

I'm about to fall over, but we're a few hundred dollars richer, a lot further on wedding  plans, and a lot of missed hours of sleep more tired!! More news to come on what we accomplished while making the big bucks on junk we would've thrown away anyways!!

Am I off to crash, you ask?? Nope!!! Off to buy some more flowers and shoes for the girls!!

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