Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My first bouquet!

While at the yard sale the other day, I spent some of the time in between creating my bridal bouquet!

I'd thought long and hard about whether or not I wanted real ones. I love keeping flowers from when I'm a bridesmaid- and I've only been able to keep 2- because they were fake! I tried keeping others, and well, you know how well that goes!! I want to be able to keep my own bouquet, without spending a fortune to get it preserved!

Besides, I can't find a colors to match as perfectly as these flowers from Hobby Lobby do!! They put their flowers on 50% off sales about every other week, so I've been making lots of trips and buying them out each time! The great thing is, they'll even hold them for you when they get new shipments, if you tell them the ones you want! I've just about got enough of these hydrangeas...

And only need a few more of the dark roses (can't find a pic of those! see my bouquet below!) and white roses!

I've always loved creating bouquets, but never done any fake ones....it took some time and lots of rearranging but it was quite fun!!

I couldn't exactly get a good pic the other day, but this is an idea of what mine looks like!!


I've just got to add the ribbon around the stems (to hide the gobs of green floral tape! and super glue some of the white petals together, so they don't look so close!!

Super excited!!

I'll probably finish the rest at the beach, when I head there with Kerri (my MoH!) in a few weeks! (check back for my post on my bridal portrait session planning for that trip!!)

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