Sunday, May 4, 2008

Feliz Cinco de mayo!!!

In honor of today, I thought I'd share some lovely Mexican inspired wedding ideas! If I didn't already have my theme planned, I might go with some of this stuff!!

And just for a little history lesson (I have to teach my students this every year!!), Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico's Independence Day (contrary to what many gringos believe!). It's simply a celebration of the victory at the Battle of Pueblo. Somehow, it gets more attention in the US and is often celebrated by us crazy gringos here more than in Mexico! However, it is celebrated there too in great style! Trust me, I know!! I unknowingly stepped into the middle of a Cinco de Mayo parade once in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico- a border town near El Paso, TX.  Becky and I had wondered why they market was so quiet that day! Hehe! Also Ray heard lots of fireworks the other day while talking to his mom and dad on the phone- who are in San Julian, Mexico!

So here's some fun inspiration, for weddings or for Cinco de Mayo inspired parties!! :o)

(pic from

Mmmmmm, mojitos! I love the contrasting splash of color with the pink placemat!

(pic from

You can't really claim to be Mexican or like Mexican food if you don't love Hot Sauce (Ahhhem! Ray??) How cute is this personalized hot sauce for favors?

This board is from wedding planner Linnyette Richardson, often featured on the Style Networks, whose wedding is it anyway. I LOVE these champagne flutes with salsa!!

(another from

Fiesta Lanterns from Oriental Trading Company

Fiesta Drink/Toothpick Parasols also from OTC

Separate reception areas ala Rosepepper'sfun/crazy beads! (see below for more Rosepepper info!)

A Mexican/Cinco de Mayo theme can also be great for a rehearsal dinner or shower! We might do our rehearsal dinner Mexican style. However, I'm slightly afraid to offend my new "Mexican" family, since an American's idea of Mexican food, is NOT what is really eaten in Mexico!

If you're in Nashville, be sure to hit up a great Mexican restaurant today or sometime soon! My absolute fave is Rosepepper Cantina. It's a great little place hidden away in East Nashville. If I wasn't on a diet, that's where you'd find me today! Let's hope I don't cave in and head there anyways.....although just thinking about it my mouth is watering for their super delicious cheese dip, chimichangas, quesadillas, and drinks!! Yuuuuummmmm! If you don't feel that adventurous, head to Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant (just google or citysearch it, they're all over the place!)

I'll be thinking about Mexico all month long with my student's current Marketplace project! We're recreating all kinds of handicrafts and practicing how to buy/sell them to each other!! Soon we'll have a fun day filled with Mexican food and the kids all dressed up to show off the Mexican spirit! And will be over!!! :o) YAY SUMMER!! I'll drink a margarita to that!! :o)

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