Friday, May 9, 2008

Home, Sweet Home!


It's move in weekend!! We got the keys to our new home today!!! Ray moves in this weekend, and I'll gradually move stuff over until I officially move in at the end of July!!!! YIPPPPEEEEE! I am soooo excited at the thought of our first "home!" It's not huge, it's just enough! It's a pretty new townhouse, only one other renter lived in it for about a year. We decided to hold off on buying a place for at least another year!!

We're so excited that I had to share some pics before we made a mess in it this weekend moving all the boxes and his furniture in!!! :o)

No furniture Ray tests out the living room floor!! (because I'm actually standing on the porch (the stripes from the sliding glass doors make it look like he's in jail!!)

I'm going to loooooove the kitchen and the dining room might be big enough to add some reading chairs and a bookshelf!!

My baby is super happy the shower head is high enough for him to stand under!!

And I'm already dreaming of the wonderful, relaxing baths I will take to relieve the build-up of stress after the wedding!!

Our lovely bedroom, with amazing vaulted ceilings!! (I've been spoiled by them in my last two apartment living rooms, love that it's in the bedrooms here!)

I love the excitement and anticipation of a new place. Dreaming of ideas to decorate (and paint!! never been able to paint before!!!), and of the memories we'll make there as we start our lives together!! Yay!!

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