Monday, May 12, 2008

Invitation time!!!

The clock is ticking!! Ok, seriously need to MAKE A DECISION!!!! :o) Amidst all the packing, moving, and millions of school projects I've been doing over the past week, I'm trying to pick out invitations as well! This really is a priority, as I need to get them out beginning of June!! Yipes!!

I've been looking into invitations from Relish, and also Mary Alice of A Delightful Day has been helping me look through Tru Wedding Invitations.

These are a couple from Tru Invitaions that I'm heavily considering!

This one I like a lot, but don't really feel it goes with my Save the Dates. However, it does fit the beachy theme and is pretty close to the color of my bridesmaid dresses.

These I like a whole lot better, but there are a few things that we're trying to figure out if we can do....such as write on the inside flap of the invite (to write the Spanish version of our invite!), use a teal colored font, and if we can make the RSVPs postcards!


And I just found this program idea on The Knot, which would go perfectly with the second invites! I'd probably DIY these, but I've definitely decided I DON'T want to DIY the invites! Ugh!! Too much work for me!! :o)



Ok.....back to more unpacking and cleaning, and pondering invites!! :o)

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