Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oceans of Blue!!


It seems ever since I picked out my bridesmaid dresses, I've come across TONS more that I love!! Don't get me wrong....I love the dresses I picked! They look great on the girl's (the ones I've seen in it!) and the price can't be beat ($50 for dress, sash, shipping, tax, and all!! But where were all these dresses when I was still looking??!!


Too much for me, but this aqua and pink is cute!! (from


(from J.Crew)

And is the dress we actially went with (if you haven't seen it yet!!)....with a navy sash! Can't wait til one of my maids actually has hers ready and I can see it on for real!! But they're so far away, AND trying to get fit before they get them altered! Silly girls! :o)


To me, this dress looks fake in the pic!! This is more what it looks like, but with the color above, and most of the girls, will probably add the straps that come with it!

(from Ann Taylor's Celebration Collection- style Chloe- discontinued! Good thing we have them!)



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  1. Too funny! You chose my photo from the Knot!


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