Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is it easy being green?

This past week, I read an article in The Tennessean about a local bride's efforts to create a "green" wedding. It seems everywhere I turn these days I'm hearing about brides trying to be more eco-friendly in their planning process.

I think it's a fantastic idea, but "The wedding will cost well above the average $25,000 that Nashville brides spend, in part, Suzanne [the bride's mother] said, because of their efforts to be socially responsible."  So who knows what the actual cost is!! Mine is probably half of that! While I'd love to do some of the things this bride is doing, such as invitations made with soy ink on recycled fibers, using more organic ingredients in catering, etc. She's got some great ideas!

But as of yet, these new ideas come with a HUGE price tag! In my thinking it should be cheaper to help the environment than to hurt it- to make people want to chose the helpful things. I guess it's along the same lines as- we eat so much junk food because it's so darn cheap!!

So in the spirit of are a few things I've tried to start doing lately to "go green"- some wedding related, some not!

- changing all my light bulbs to those funny, but cool curly florescent bulbs (even found some    round vanity ones for my bathroom!

- recycling- I've started lots of piles to haul off everything from water bottles, coke cans, newspaper, cardboard, etc. (looking into a recycling pick up in our new place!)

- hopefully omitting outer envelopes for my invitations (I don't see the point of them anyways!)

- either omitting wedding favors altogether, or using something that won't get tossed out!

- conserve water by showering faster!

- finding new ways to get to work so I don't waste so much gas stuck in traffic! (but let's not start on the gas prices! ugh!!)

- This may be more about saving money but has to help the environment some-- Ray and I both avoid turning on our heat/air conditioning as MUCH as possible- only if we're freezing or burning up does it come on!! This (and hopefully with some help from the new lights) has significantly lowered our electric bills!!

So obviously, I need help with some more ideas.....if you have any free or cheap ideas on how to help save the environment, wedding related or not! Please do share!

And check out The Tennessean article if you've got a big budget to make your wedding green!

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  1. There are lots of lower cost ways to be green too. Recycling is so easy. I bought part of our centerpieces from the Goodwill and other thrift shops. I plan to take them back there after the wedding. I don't like to buy anything new unless I have to. I also bought a lot of stuff from other brides on the knot and craigslist.
    Talk to your caterer about composting or using local or organic food. Using local vendors and local items reduces gas consumption.


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