Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Relish Party Recap!

Ok, so I'm not as fast as other ladies at posting my recap of the party.....but here goes!!

This past Sunday, I attended the launch party for the new, Nashville based, online and interactive invitation company- Relish! It was a blast! The girls of Relish- Stephanie and Rebecca- pictured above are just too cute! They gave out adorable goodie bags, which matched their cute aprons and adorable yellow wedge shoes!


The party was held at the Green Hills Hampton Inn in the Atrium. It was a great location at the top of the hotel overlooking Green Hills! It was attended by lots of wedding coordinators and others in the biz, but it was really nice to be able to be a bride attending something like this as well! It was much more informal than walking around booth to booth making forced small talk with lots of different people- not that those formats aren't helpful too-- this was just more fun!!

I was thrilled that Shara of Cakes by Shara was there sharing her yummy goodies!! My mom has been talking to her lately about these yummy cupcakes I'm getting for my reception! If you didn't read my post about them before, Shara entered these in a Martha Stewart contest and won as one of the top 10 cupcakes!! Soooo cute!!

These were the adorable little ones she had at the Relish party!

I was super happy about her fondant actually being yummy!! And the icing too!! I'd tasted her stuff at a show before, but had so much cake that day that I couldn't remember anything but the sugar high afterwards!! :o) So I was quite pleased that the only one there was one I'll be using!! It also gave us a great chance to discuss details in person!

I'm having my cake for my cake reception made by my close friend Jeniffer of Cake by Dake, but when I saw Shara's cupcakes, had to have them too! They'll be at my family/wedding party reception, and not everyone there will be at the cake reception so will still have a chance for yummy cake!

But back to the was super fun to get to hang out with Ashley and talk about upcoming party plans!! And back to the point of the party.....the Relish girls are fantastic! So sweet, fun and innovative! They've come up with a great product! Their line of invitations is so cute and has so many possibilities! I've played around with their website some already, and it is SOOO easy to use! You pick out all the details online for your invitations and you can create all kinds of combinations, even adding punch-outs, ribbons, and rhinestones.

Their motto-"Enjoy the journey" really encompasses who they are! You can totally tell how much they love what they do and how they are helping brides to enjoy it as well! I couldn't believe when Rebecca told me their turn-around is 7-10 business days after you turn in your order!! What?? Is there any other invitation company that does it that quickly??  And the prices aren't bad at all either!

They gave away great prizes (which seemed to keep going to guys??!!), and it was fun even though I didn't win a thing! I was just happy to be there!! Thanks, Relish gals for a fun time, and Ashley thanks for the invite and letting me "borrow" some of your pics!! And Kelley, thanks for letting me drag you to another wedding event!! Can't wait for more fun times!! :o)

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  1. Thanks for the sweet write up. Did you get my email with the cupcake? Call me or email me soon so we can talk about everything.
    Kind regards,
    Cakes By Shara


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