Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oriental Trading Company- Wedding, Bachelorette, and Shower supplies!! Plus lots of other fun goodies!

I've used Oriental Trading Company before for things for school. Like these adorable Magic Color Scratch Sombrero Ornaments that my kids had a blast with around Christmas time. How can you beat a craft for 120 kids for only $30!?(although just saw right now I'd get the same amount for $18 on clearance!)

 OTC specializes in bulk/cheap items, but it never occurred to me that they might have wedding stuff!! I'm not sure why I never thought of it, but I hadn't! I get catalogs at school all the time, but of course no wedding themed stuff was in there!

So in searching for stuff for out-of-town gift baskets/bags, I came across a forum that talked about getting stuff from there. Like these tote bags $9.95 for a dozen!


 I'm not going to make any claims on the quality of their stuff because I can only attest to the crafts I've ordered! They all came quick, and were well packaged! These bags are cute, but a little too beachy for me!

The possibilities are endless for what you can find from their site!!

Here are some cute things I came across (ahhhhem....my bridesmaids, you might want to take some notes- now that I know some of you are actually reading this!!)

How freakin cute are these flip flops!??! I've seen something like this before, but not exact. Totally great for the honeymoon!

Also VERY much a fan of these black and white flip flops, which also come in men's (I'm a size 8, Ray is 11!) These might be cuter than the previous ones- which kinda look like garters!

These are totally cute iron-ons! I actually picked up some similar ones from Walmart for pretty cheap!

 Lots of fun bachelorette party stuff too like this party pack-

There's lots of other great stuff too, but there are some goofy things as well. Like an inflatable arch! But a lot of stuff is cute, great for a bride on a budget, and lots of stuff can even be personalized! Like these cute glass champagne flutes (which I may be getting for myself!)

And this personalized banner!

Do some searching for yourself, and you just might find a few great things you've been looking for! Favor ideas, bubbles, centerpieces, there's tons of items to chose from if their in the realm of what you're looking for! And someone must be buying those inflatable arches if someone was crazy enough to think of the idea to make them!!

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