Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More cakes!!

I've spent the last two days....laying in bed with the flu! :o( So in between sleeping and eating soup.....and not talking at all with my voice totally gone...I've tried to be slightly productive!! I've been researching photographers as  my first choice wasn't available and have come up with some promising options! I'm going to write at another time to share suggestions for more budget friendly photographers- which is definitely what I'm looking for!!

And in case you are commenting and they aren't showing up- I'm not denying them, they just might be flagged as spam somehow and it can take awhile for it to show up for me to approve. Stinks, I know!! I want those comments!! I keep seeing that I'm getting them, but their not being shown!!

I've been checking out Martha Stewart cakes today......I know she's one of those people you love, or you hate!! I happen to love her!! I'd love to be her (minus the whole investment scandal/jail time thing!!)!

I'm in love with this cake....and in love with this pattern on blue!



Martha Stewart Weddings
"This opulent five-tier cake is a graphic interpretation of damask; it plays up the pattern, which is traditionally tone-on-tone. The intricate scrollwork is best suited to a square cake because the flat surfaces display the repeating motif to greatest advantage. To create this magnificent design, the pattern is placed under waxed paper, then piped over and filled in with royal icing. After it dries, the hardened frosting is removed from the waxed paper and affixed to the cake. The Wedgwood-blue fondant and dark-brown decorations look elegant with a chocolate cake."

And I love Daisies!! :o) And the falling daises on this cake are so adorable!

This cake made with white chocolate cigarette and powdered sugar-topped golden raspberries looks almost beachy with it's boardwalk fence look and the sugary "sand"!


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