Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wedding cake search!!

So, I have the church, reception site, most likely nailed down a videographer, have my dress, bridesmaid dresses, and my cake designer!! I still have lots to do, and many final details to figure out of things I do have done!! Deciding who would make my cake was the easy part.....deciding on the actual cake will be a bit harder!! :o) 

I'm having my great friend Jeniffer, who I worked with for 3 years and still continue to be fabulous friends with, make my wedding cake....she's AMAZING!! She's so freakin talented at sooo many things- cakes are just a small part of who she is and what she does!! You can check out her cakes here.  I pretty much trust her completely, that whatever cake I decide on, she'll be able to tackle it!!

Of course, my cake with have some blue elements, and will probably be beach related to go along with my beach theme!! I do, however, want it to be simple and understated- not overwhelming!

I've been doing a little bit of searching and haven't figured it out yet....but I have come across some cute stuff!!

Ocean Waves

This is just toooooo cute!!

I wouldn't personally want it this beachy but holy crap! Can you believe that is a cake?!! From Mike's Amazing Cakes

Hmmmm....Ray does love lighthouses!!

These are just some I've recently run across....nothing that really has grabbed me yet! I've been looking lots in magazines too and have folded down many pages in those bridal magazines!! :o)

I'm so looking forward to that special, romantic moment......where I can shove cake in my fiance's face!! Hehe!!

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