Friday, March 7, 2008

Cheap Decorations and DIY ideas

Ok, so I said I was quitting looking at Weddingbee, but yeah right! I kept on....I've found these great ideas of things to do with votive candles- could be used as centerpieces or as favors!

When I saw this blog entitled "I like cheap stuff", of course, I couldn't resist! As I myself....LOVE cheap stuff! :o) Now, I'm not a fan of the wedding cameras (see my idea to replace that in the previous post), but I AM a huge fan of the site linked to on this blog- Cudge! They have great deals on votive holders- WITH candles included! 72 for $36.77! Wow!! (They also sell the rose petals in this pic!)

This could work great with this idea from Miss Cherry Blossom to etch a design or pattern into the votives (check out her great step-by-step instructions and pics!)

And this super cute idea from Mrs. Emerald who stamped vellum paper, then wrapped it around the votives....she also has great step-by-step instructions!

I love both ideas....thinking the etching could be easier if I got the hang of how to do it?? Not sure if I want to tackle something that big for favors though! I do think it's a great idea to etch our monogram or maybe just an "H" on champagne flutes!!!

Something like this......
But I wouldn't do it that fancy for DIY!

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