Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bubbles, Bubbles, no toils or troubles!


Wedding exits can be a lot of fun! But they also mean you're going to be spending money on something that's going to be thrown, blown, or lit, and then will be gone!!

I'm in an even bigger pickle since I'm having TWO grand exits- yep, that's right- TWO!!

I'm doing something a little untraditional and having two receptions. The first- a cake only reception immediately following the reception. The second- a small family/wedding party only dinner. It might be something other brides have done, but I've personally only been to one such wedding! When I was a bridesmaid at my friends wedding in PA, she had such a big wedding and couldn't afford to feed all her guests dinner! It was a great way for everyone to be able to be involved in her big day, but to significantly cut costs! I took my inspiration for my reception from her!!


I'm planning on my first exit- from the church to be bubbles....lots and lots of bubbles!! It will be daytime and will be much easier with all the people that will be there!

I'm *thinking* about doing sparklers for the 2nd reception- less chance of messes and things catching fire with a smaller amount of people. And it will be night-time then and could make an exciting and fun exit! Also I'm getting married in July, so I'll be able to snag some sparklers at the firework tents at a good or clearance price closer to/after the 4th!

By the way, it's always a good idea to check with your venue to make sure that whatever you are using is allowed! I've heard of brides buying up tons of sparklers or whatever and ending up not able to use them! I've got the ok from my reception venue to use sparklers, but still need to clear bubbles with the church, although I don't see why those won't be ok- still gotta check!

I've been searching for cute/cheap bubbles online- haven't searched any stores yet! And I'm looking for ones that won't need anything added to them- like ribbons or whatever you might want to add to wedding bubbles like these.....

These are great, but I'd like one less thing I have to DIY decorate. because I think they are just too plain!

So far, here's what I've come up with which I might choose from.....

These bubbles from Lakeside Collection are shaped like a wedding cake and pretty cute! Sorry I can't post a picture!! But they are pretty similar to these from Oriental Trading Company. If you like them you might want to check out the Lakeside ones which are cheaper! 

I like these also from OTC! They say "We tied the knot"

There are LOTS more at OTC- colored bottles- which are great for incorporating your theme colors, wedding dress shaped, champagne bottles, and ones you can personalize

The colored ones have hearts on the top, and might be nice to use!!

That's all the time I have now to look at bubbles, but if anyone has any suggestions on good, cheap bubbles- leave a comment!!

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