Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beautiful flowers!

So I am still considering going the fake flower route, and have been searching hard for some matching ones! Just this weekend, Kelley and I were searching through Hobby Lobby and found pretty much the perfect ones! I'll post my actual pics later, but for now, here are the pics from the Crafts, etc. site (the site Hobby Lobby sends you to, if you want to shop for florals on-line!) These hydrangeas match the bridesmaids dresses/sashes PERFECTLY!

We found several similar color roses to intersperse with the hydrangeas and white roses!

This is one (but not sure about all the shades of green in it too)

Or it may have been this similar one...not sure!

And I can't find it on-line, but in the store there was another similar rose but with darker edges instead of the lighter green! They looked soooo pretty and I was practically jumping up and down when I got home and saw how closely they matched the dresses! YAY! :o) Possibly one more thing checked off the list!!

That reminds me....I need to go to my checklist at The Knot and mark off a bunch of the tasks I've completed recently! :o)

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