Friday, March 14, 2008

Save the date magnets!


In lieu of spending lots of money I don't have on Save the Date cards, I opted to make magnets using Vista Print. They have tons of great templates, that you can even play around with changing font, size, color, placement, etc. And you can make labels, stamps, magnets, business cards, note-cards...well I could keep listing things but just look for yourself if you are interested!

Thank you card

Wedding/Engagement Announcement

I actually altered the final product and removed the "Save the Date" part on the magnet- just in case I don't pass them all out, I can pass them out at the wedding or something! (Just forgot to save the final image! Looks the same but without "STD." I ordered 200- although more invites than that will be going out!- and will hand most of them out personally instead of mailing. Especially to nearby friends, family, students, and co-workers!  I realize that might seem tacky to some of you, but I need to save that precious postage money for the invites!! What might seem even tackier to some of you.....I'm going to be handing out at least 30 of my invitations instead of mailing them- just to my students though! All other invites will be mailed! They will just be happy to be invited and not care otherwise! :o)

I also thought it was a great idea to add our wedding website (deleted here for privacy purposes!) to the magnet so that our guests can get a first-hand look at all our wedding details so that they will be prepared ahead of time! I also figure it will prevent us from having to answer soooo many questions!! :o)

Total, with shipping and all, the magnets cost me $41.14!! That's about 20 cents per magnet! Right now, magnet orders are 50% off (as of Friday, March 14th), and I can't figure out how much longer the 50% off sale will be! I did notice as I was fooling around going back and forth between magnet designs that at one point the price jumped up by about $20 or so, but I simply went to a coupon site and found the direct link back to the 50% off and got the cheaper deal- no problem! Here is the link for the discount if it doesn't show up for you on the Vista Print site.

I did a little research and on other sites, like,, and a few others that popped up on top- I would've paid over $150, plus shipping for 200 magnets! So this is a great deal! If you know of a better deal- although I'll miss out since I already ordered mine!- please let me know so I can post that too!!

I've ordered from Vista Print before, and although their stuff is pretty basic, it's quality and CHEAP! There are even lots of things that you can get for free, such as business cards! Gotta love free and cheap! :o)

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