Thursday, March 13, 2008

Did you know that I LOVE BLUE?!!! :o)

Confession- blue started off as my favorite color because of a boy I once liked. I won't say why or some people reading this will know who I'm talking about!! Haha! My current obsession with blue has absolutely NOTHING to do with said boy- who I later learned was a huge dork and am very glad that nothing came of that- except my love for a certain wonderful color! To me-- blue is happy and soothing at the same time. Even though it is used sometimes in sad ways- as in the blues or I'm feeling blue-- to me, if I'm wearing blue, it means I'm happy! Or trying to perk myself up! Tons of things in my apartment are decorated in blue and they make me happy too- especially because blue is beach/ocean related, of course!

So, no surprise that many blue details will be involved in my wedding! My lovely friend Jessica sent me this link today to Blue Bio's on the knot....and I had to quickly get out of it or I'd spend all day looking at it!! (Which I can't do right now because I'm about to have a faculty meeting!)

I did, however, skim over it and found a few adorable things!! Here's some cute cakes!! Several of my girl students and moms just gathered around behind me oooohhhing and ahhhing over them!! :o) So fun!!

I'm sure I'll be posting more from this site later on! LOVE IT!! Thanks Jess!!! :o)

Off to facutly meeting!!

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  1. I LOVE this last cake...classy, yet still ties in your blue! :) I love that I can check this site and see your new ideas and plans unfolding!'s keeping us "Michiganders" in the know!


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