Saturday, March 8, 2008

Signature cocktail!

I absolutely LOVE the idea of having a signature cocktail at a wedding! I'm hard pressed coming up with good ideas myself, as blue isn't necessarily a popular drink color! (At one venue I visited, the manager did suggest a blue Hawaiian punch fountain!)  I'm not for sure that I'll be able to have one, but I'm sure gonna try my hardest!! :o)

Stirrings drink mixes have a website to help you build your drink menu based on your wedding theme or colors! Including many non-alcoholic options!! They even have some fantastic templates that you can download to make drink stirrers or drink menus!

How cute!!


As for blue drinks.... they have several suggestions using their Wild Blueberry Mixer

Although, I can't help but wonder if it would end up more of a purple shade?? I'll have to head to Pier 1 to grab some and find out! They also sell it at Le Gourmet Chef- which is one of my FAVORITE stores but the closest one is in Pigeon Forge, TN! I always buy way too much every time I go, and just recently started buying Stirrings mixes and drink rimmers like....

My obsession since Kerri's Bachelorette Party.....

And these adorable, fun colored rimmers......

Which actually come in the colors you see on the tin!

I'm still in search of a good blue drink, but who knows....I might just chuck the whole blue thing as far as drinks go and just do whatever I want! Who says that the drinks have to match too?!!

I also found a ton of blue drinks, but haven't had time to sift through to see if any are do-able and no non-alcoholic  at! Click here to see the blue drinks! They have several colors you can choose from for drink ideas too!


  1. What if, instead of a blue drink, you put little blue straws or blue paper flags in each drink? That way, it won't look like all your guests are downing Windex, but you still incorporate the blue from your palette.

  2. daisysfavoritethingsMarch 10, 2008 at 6:07 AM

    Haha...I hadn't thought about it, but it could look like everyone was drinking Windex! I think I am leaning more towards blue accents on the drink and sticking with something fruity and summery- maybe in pink or yellow...we'll see!! Great idea!


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