Monday, March 31, 2008

Candy Direct!

My great friend Jessica used this company for her wedding candy bar, and suggested I look into it after reading my previous post about my search for Easter candy!

They have some great stuff, at a pretty good prices!

Check out this blue candy.....


Chocolate Milkies      Rock Candy         Jelly Bellys

They even have candy organized by color, which makes it easy to shop for candy to coordinate with your wedding colors!! As I've mentioned before, I already have lots of Blue M&M's and Jelly Bellys, but will probably look into more candy from here!

My mom got these cute margarita glasses from Walmart (from there summer dishes collection they always have!) to put candy in! Such a cute idea! I'd seen them but didn't think to use them for this!!

Happy candy shopping! :o)


  1. Great Information. I will definitely try this special candies on my wedding occasion.

  2. Great idea! What a unique addition to a wedding- thanks for the tip!

  3. [...] It will be fairly short, and we are having a smallish candy buffet. See my posts on candy ideas!  Candy Direct and Easter [...]


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