Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A week of spending lots of $$ and getting things done!


It's deposit time! And while spending all this money is NOT a favorite thing of mine, having things done and planned out for the wedding is! Here's what I've done this week (or previously!)

Ceremony Site -     St. Paul's Community Church              

Family Reception Site-    Old Natchez Country Club                    

Photography -  Shanell Bledsoe                                                 

Videographer -   Pursuit Video                                                      

My dress-   Memories Consignment (*gasp*)              

Bridesmaid Dresses-  Ann Taylor                                                         

Cake-      Cake by Dake                                                     

Honeymoon-   Los Altos de Eros- Costa Rica                     

Save the date magnets-     Vista Print                                                         

Flowers-     DIY  

Invitations-  ????????????

Flower girl dresses-  Chaundra Lasater (but still need style!)

Guy's attire-   ????????????

Well, at least it's nice to see there is more accomplished than not! At least as far as the BIG details go! There are still sooooo many more little things to do, but I am happy with what's been accomplished so far! :o)

Much thanks goes out to Kelley, Bridget, Chaundra, Ashley's Bride Guide, Pursuit Video, Trip Advisor, and Mary Alice for helping me find these places, people and things! I'm sure I'll be calling on you even more in the days to come!! :o)


  1. Yes the bride = $$$. Youre right. But YAY! You've got most of your vendors. Who did you hire from the site?

  2. daisysfavoritethingsMarch 19, 2008 at 4:03 PM

    Haha! Your comment surprised me because it was so fast after I posted!!

    I found my photographer Shanell Bledsoe on your links page and also saw good things about Wes of Pursuit Video, who I met at a bridal show and their sample DVD made us want St. Paul's!

  3. Awesome. You met Wes at the Opry show didnt you? He had a great booth!

  4. daisysfavoritethingsMarch 20, 2008 at 7:55 AM

    Yep! It was at the Opry show!


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