Friday, March 28, 2008

Fun shops for gifts, invitations, and more!

I looooove to shop! I don't know many girl's who don't!! There are a few shops in Nashville that I love, but I am starting to discover more throughout my wedding planning! I'm also a sucker for little beach or gift shops in and around Wilmington, NC (one of my fave places in the world!)

The other day my mom had me check out the Puffy Muffin  on Franklin Road in Brentwood, TN for our bridal luncheon. It's cute, but I think their room is too small for us! Anyways, next door is an ADORABLE store- Hot Pink. I'd seen it before, and always wanted to stop in, but I hadn't  yet! Kerri was with me, and well...I didn't have to twist her arm to go into a cute store and do some shopping!! We really just browsed because we'd already both spent too much money at the mall, but I did see some beautiful stuff!! I've heard that the sales people aren't that friendly, and they didn't really talk to us, but I was too interested in browsing around to really notice!

I especially liked the new collection from Mindy Weiss- an elite wedding planner! Lots of her stuff is in shades of blue and is totally adorable! Slippers that say "I do," wedding organizers, and lots more! Her stuff should be available soon online in her shop!

Here's a small pic of her wedding organizer...

Her stuff isn't cheap, but isn't too overly priced either!

Here are some of my other favorite stores, or stores on my research list that carry either gift items, stationary supplies, or both!!

Hot Pink
231 Franklin Rd
Brentwood, TN
(615) 376-5552

The Mall at Green Hills
2126 Abbott Martin Road, Space 244 
Nashville, TN

 **Some of their stuff is also at Target and Swoozie's (see below!), but I looooove looking around at all the stationary, cards, etc. there!!

I can already tell...this is one of those places that although I really want to go....maybe I shouldn't!! I will want to buy it all!! :o) Also in Green Hills! Check out the post and wonderful pictures from a guest blogger on Ashley's Bride Guide

4015 Hillsboro Pike, Suite105
Nashville, Tennessee 37215

Bella Carte
212 White Bridge Road
Nashville, TN

There are also several stores at The Factory at Franklin that I love.....I can't tell you the names though because I don't think I've ever really paid attention!! Guess that means I have to go back. There is one in particular that sells everything from gifts, to clothing, to jewelry, to bags, that I've found some adorable stuff at!

That about rounds out my list for now, as my brain is telling me to stop writing and listen to my hungry stomach and feed it dinner!! Let me know some of your favorite stores like these that I can add to my "to explore" list! :o)

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