Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chinese Lanterns!


I was shopping at The Dollar Treefor supplies for a school Easter project a couple weeks back, when I came across these adorable Chinese lanterns! At just $1 each of course!! So I scooped up a bunch in blue and white for my wedding! I wanted to share them earlier, but the pictures were stuck on my camera- and as I've mentioned before, I'd lost my USB cord (got a new one now, so we're back in business after this post since I ended up using my camera phone for the lanterns!)

The are adorable 8 in lanterns that come with the lightbulbs inside. All you have to do is screw open the bottom and insert batteries and you are good to go! I wouldn't turn them on until last minute though- Not sure if it was my batteries or the bulb, but some of mine were only good for one evening lit up! They had them in several different colors. I know there are lots of other places out there to get them too!!

I already had a few lanterns in my dining room from ones I'd found the year before...and I added some white ones to balance it out!! I'll probably take them down to include them with the ones at the wedding! They'll have to come down about that time anyways with me moving!

I found out just last week that I can't hang up lanterns at either of my venues, so I was ready to take them back, until I went back through some blog entries on Ashley's Bride Guide and saw these totally cute ideas for using them on tables! So I might go with that! Either way the lanterns are super cute and super cheap! :o)

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