Monday, March 10, 2008

Sore feet at my wedding?? No thank you!!


I'm a big believer in the flip-flop!! I used to absolutely HATE the feeling of anything in between my toes, so I'd refuse to wear them, instead opting for sandals and shoes that were strappy with NOTHING between the toes!!

Then, summer after summer I would see all these ADORABLE and CHEAP shoes calling out to me everywhere I went!! So I finally sucked it up, and decided to try it out with a pair of flops from Old Navy!


Now, I know their cheap, cute-in-every-color flip flops are old news, but I only started wearing them about 3 or 4 years ago! I know, silly!! It took awhile and lots of blisters in between my virgin toes to get used to them, but now I own them in every color!! I'm a complete convert!! :o)

I've been planning for awhile to even wear flip-flops down the aisle!! I'll probably try to find a cute white pair with maybe a little bit of a heel and maybe some sparkle! Since I have a beach theme, I think it'll work!!

The last thing I want or need to happen is me tripping in heels or twisting an already bum ankle! After 2 trips to emergency rooms last year (once in Mexico!!) I want my feet to be as cozy as possible on that big day!  

I also plan on having my bridesmaids wear VERY comfortable shoes-- probably not flip-flops- their dresses are a little too formal for that! I absolutely ADORE "unlisted" brand shoes. I first discovered them through Linda, one of my bridesmaids, when I was a bridesmaid at her wedding! I wore out those cream colored heels she had Kerri and I wear! (I still have them and wear them 6 years later!!) They are so cute, and so comfortable at the same time!! They have a heel, are strappy and sassy, but my delicate feet never hurt in them! I now have them in every shade I could get my hands on- mostly from Shoe Carnivalwhere I've often gotten them on clearance, or a good sale! (They aren't listed on their website and you can only buy in store, so do a store locator search on the site!)

Here's an idea of what they look like...

I'm hoping to find them in Navy for my maids, but I'm not sure if they make them in that color! I've seen lots of amazing shades though.....I have some adorable bright purple ones, that I've actually never worn, but I just LOVE them and they were so cheap! One of those pairs of shoes that you have to buy a new outfit just to wear them! But what an excuse to shop!!

While browsing around on The Knot today, I saw this adorable idea to help out your poor guest's feet too when it's time to hit the dance floor!

How adorable!!

So here's to feet that are happy, comfy, and having just as much fun as the rest of you is having!!!! :o)

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