Saturday, March 22, 2008


I've been pretty busy this last weekend of spring break with wedding stuff AND company in town- so not much time to post!! And all of the things I'm currently dying to post on have related pics on my camera- and I've lost the USB cord, apparently!!

I will post more about this later, but I just wanted to do a quick post on Beauti Control! I'd met Megan at a bridal fair awhile ago, and the 5-10 minutes I spent sitting in her chair getting a head/back/hand massage, made me immediately want to book my own spa party! It was held today, and it was AMAZING!! It's not one of those things where you try out a couple products, then they are really pushy with you to buy them. Nothing was even mentioned until the end! And there was no pressure (I bought a lot anyways!) It was different from any of these type parties I'd been to and definitely the most relaxing!

We got to wear soothing eye pads and lay our heads back and rest while she came around and did head and hand massages and then laid a hot towel on our faces. I definitely thought it was the best you could get for free!! :o)

They also have a bridal package and free gifts for brides who sign up for a party! It was definitely worth it! If you are in the Nashville area, ask me for Megan's number! Otherwise check out the website for a local consultant! Although the website in NO way does any justice to all the products they actually have!

My bridesmaids and I will be wonderfully relaxed and happy right before my wedding!!! :o)

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